About Us

Diverse, Empowering, and Business-Boosting: Transforming Women and Enterprises from Zero to Success

SestraNow , LLC is a multiethnic and multicultural international women’s organization with a current membership of over 1800 women spanning 35 countries. Sestra means sister in various Slavic tongues and NOW stands for Network of Women. Our network is made up of small business owners, professionals, and other women thriving in community.

Our Members/Sestras are comprised of small business owners, professionals and other women seeking community and support. We motivate our members to prosper personally and collectively, to reach their full potential, in an atmosphere in which all are elevated in the process. We currently promote financial independence as well as health and wellness.

We have three-pronged business model to provide:

A social media platform for daily connections

Community building and support, providing resources to meet all needs

An online marketplace for members’ businesses and services, and SestraNow, LLC business initiatives.

Connect with us thru our
SestraNow App!

Connect with us thru our
SestraNow App!

SestraNow Consulting


Effortlessly extending our reach across the globe, we are dedicated to offering nothing short of premium professional support. Our extensive network comprises carefully vetted and exceptionally qualified women professionals, ensuring that you have access to a wealth of expertise and knowledge no matter where you are. At your service, our esteemed members are committed to delivering top-tier assistance that transcends borders and empowers you to achieve your goals with confidence.


Enabling the empowerment of women professionals, our platform serves as a dynamic conduit for showcasing their skills and services to the broader public. We have ingeniously designed a system that operates with both comprehensiveness and efficiency, facilitating our esteemed members in delivering their expertise effectively to individuals and businesses. By championing our members’ capabilities, we are not only fostering empowerment but also driving a seamless bridge between their skills and the world, creating a positive cycle of growth and opportunity.

Behind SestraNow Consulting

Stephanie Montgomery, Esq.


Stephanie Montgomery is a Licensed Attorney and Real Estate Broker in the State of New York. She is the daughter of parents married 52 years and counting and she is the oldest sibling of their 3 children. She was born in South Carolina, USA and raised in Bronx, New York. Stephanie has embarked on various entrepreneurial feats, service initiatives and self-empowerment projects. Her wealth of knowledge and experience has uniquely equipped her to lead out in SestraNow which encompasses all three areas.